Survey of Melanoplus femurrubrum grasshopper populations in Connecticut (Past)

We surveyed Melanoplus femurrubrum grasshopper populations within the state of Connecticut for genetic diversity at multiple genetic markers, including three mitochondrial (CO1, ND2, and AT-rich) and one nuclear (ITS-1) gene regions. This study shows for the first time genetic variation for the ND2, AT-rich, and ITS genes within populations from a small geographic area from a Melanoplus species, and our methods and results should be useful for other researchers interested in conducting population level studies on closely related species. This project was a collaboration with Professor Oswald Schmitz from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

Publication: Jounhyoung Lee, Jonathan Marshall, Oswald J. Schmitz, and A. Caccone. 2006. Genetic divergence of Connecticut Melanoplus femurrubrum populations. Journal of Heredity, 97:290-293