The genetic mating system of Great Tinamous (Past)

While a Yale Research Assistant, Chaz Hyseni, collected genotype information from 8 loci for over 200 individual Great Tinamous, Tinamus major, a species of ground bird native to Central and South America. A project collaboration with then Yale Post-doctoral fellow, Patricia Brennan. The project aimed at measuring the levels of extra-pair paternity (EPP) in the nests of this elusive species. Results suggest that rates of EPP are high in this species, despite the fact that males provide all the parental care and would be expected to have high levels of paternity assurance. Chaz Hyseni is now a Ph.D. candidate at University of Mississippi in the lab of Dr. Ryan Garrick. Dr. Patricia Brennan is now Adjunct Research Assistant Professor at University of Massachusetts, Amherst. 

Publication: Brennan, P.L.R. and Hyseni, C. 2008. Development of microsatellite markers for Great Tinamous (Tinamus major).Molecular Ecology Resources8: 933-935.